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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Top Ten of Summer 2005

The Top Ten of Summer!!

Decisions, decisions! Well, I know it's been a hot summer, and although I've been mostly indoors lately, in frigid air-conditioned buildings, when I actually do get outdoors, the heat has been absolutely stifling, and the humidity is so high, you can almost feel the thickness of the moisture as you pass your hand through the air! And need I remind y'all of the unbearable action of entering into a car that's been sitting in a sunny parking lot for many an hour? Aiya! Now I know what chocolate chip cookies feel like when they are in the oven! Well, I want to smell as yummy as a cookie in this sort of weather, but of course the fragrances have to stand up to the smothering heat!

1) L'Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons- it's still #1 in my book. Light and floral, it's a very happy carefree scent, and just epitomizes the way summer should be... linden, orange blossom and tuberoses...
2) Jo Malone Orange Blossom- more citrus than floral, and quite fresh! Works well alone or to layer with other scents (esp. heavier white florals) to give them a lift.
3) Marc Jacobs- my current default fragrance; the creamy lovely scent of a gardenia bud just about to open. There really is a cool watery quality to this scent. Think of a summer evening with gardenia bushes and a lovely cool pond nearby.
4) Boucheron Trouble Eau Legere Nacree- still has the warmth and oomph I want for a come-hither fragrance (after all, we all must have a come hither scent, just not overly-smoldering in the heat!), yet just lightened a touch so as not to smother in the warmer weather. The shimmer is a cute touch, but not that noticeable. A nice opening with citrus and jasmin sambac with a good soft base of amber and vanilla.
5) Blue Mediterraneo Arancia- delightfully cool and refreshing citrus scent with the right balance of piquancy and sweetness. Like you just peeled a clementine.
6) Etro Vicolo Fiore- summer nights by a pond inundated with the loveliest lotus and lily pads
7) Chanel Gardenia- Quintessential and elegant. Just the right balance with jasmine predominates this scent with a subtley warm base.
8) Frederic Malle En Passant- Lilac, lilac everywhere! But with a wonderfully refreshing coolness from a cucumber accord.
9) Demeter Gingerale- That lovely smell when you open up a can of fizzy lemon-lime soda... it's perfect in this concoction! Fun, fun, fun!
10) Dior Addict 2- (aha! I didn't tell you that I finally got to try this one, did I? More about this later!) The initial blast of refreshing citrus softens into a fun, fruity scent which isn't overly sugary sweet. And the pink bottle is just too cute!

Keep cool, kitten-friends!

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